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#FlyMeTo | Frequently Asked Questions

With ‘#FlyMeTo’, users can quickly and easily buy Austrian flight vouchers or organise gifts for their loved ones – and invite friends to club together to pay for those gifts. The gifts in question are called Austrian flight vouchers, and are available in 9 pre-defined values (€49.00, €99.00, €199.00, €299.00, €399.00, €499.00, €599.00, €699.00, €999.00).


  • What is the procedure for using the #FlyMeTo service?
    • First you have to think about who you want to give a gift – your loved ones, or yourself, perhaps? ;-)

    • At the website, you can select the amount for your flight voucher. While there, you will also be shown examples of where you could fly to with the flight voucher you are buying. Availability of seats on particular days and dates is also a factor here, of course, so our tip, as always, is to book as early as possible!

    • Then think about whether you want to pay for the flight voucher straight away, or would rather invite your friends to club together to help you pay – with a joint gift for someone’s wedding or birthday, for example?

    • In the second step, you can select the occasion, the name of the lucky recipient, and enter your own name – and by doing so, personalise the voucher. If you are inviting friends to help out with the payment, then enter an expiry date and a description. That way, your friends will know how long they have to make a contribution, and who the gift is for.

    • You can pay for the voucher, or make your partial contribution, by credit card. Other payment options will be introduced in future!

    • In the final step, you can invite your friends to club together to pay for the gift – you can do this by e-mail or Facebook!

    • Once the gift pot is full, you will receive your personal flight voucher – individually customised with the details of the lucky recipient, of course.

  • What is a ‘group gift’?
    A group gift is when several friends put their money together to enable them to buy a friend of theirs one big gift rather than one small one each.
  • How does #FlyMeTo help me with a group gift?
    Group gifts are a way for you and your friends to club together to satisfy a friend’s desire for a bigger gift. #FlyMeTo helps you organise this quickly and easily, from the comfort of your own home. It saves you the hassle of phoning around, collecting money together and actually buying the present. And the recipient gets a great gift that you just know they’ll never forget.
  • Who can create a gift?
    You can create a gift either for yourself or for someone else you would like to give a gift to. If you create the gift for someone else, he or she will be excluded from the communication on Facebook in the usual way. This will ensure they’re surprised on the big day.
  • How do I get my gift once it’s 100% financed?
    When everything’s ready, you will receive notification by e-mail with a voucher code and a link to your goods basket, where your gift(s) will already be waiting for you. You then use the voucher code for the payment.
  • Which payment methods are available?
    You can use one of the following payment methods:
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Diners Club
    • JCV
    • SOFORT Banking (Direct Banking Transfer)
  • Will I receive a payment confirmation?
    After your successful payment, you are going to receive an official payment confirmation via e-mail. If you need to access the payment confirmation at a later date, you also have the possibility to click “My payments” in the #FlyMeTo menu and download your payment confirmation as a PDF file.
  • What happens if not enough money is contributed to pay for the gift?
    In this case, as the organiser of the gift, you have other options open to you:
    • You can either take a voucher for the amount which has been collected,
    • Pay the difference,
    • Or extend the deadline for making contributions and remind your friends again.
  • What happens if too much is contributed?
    If you or a friend want to contribute too much, then #FlyMeTo recognises this and corrects the amount to the maximum. The organiser has the option, however, of upgrading to a higher voucher amount.
  • Is #FlyMeto a wish list?
    Although you can also use #FlyMeTo as a wish list in principle, it is more than just this. #FlyMeTo lets you turn your dreams into reality with the help of your friends at the same time.
  • Is #FlyMeto only suitable for use with birthday/Christmas gifts?
    No, you can create your gift for any occasion, no matter whether it’s a birthday, wedding, housewarming, baby shower or Christening, and much more besides.
  • Can my friends see how much I’ve contributed to the gift?
    No, the only information that’s visible is which of your friends has already contributed. The actual amount remains concealed. You are free to choose the amount you would like to contribute, or use the sliding control on the progress bar beneath the gift.
  • Do I get my flight to Berlin at a fixed price of €99 with the gift?
    No, because the gift is not a flight, but a flight voucher. Prices will always change a little, depending on the availability of seats on particular days.